Firm Biz 08 - Nicki Minaj feat Jadakiss

{nicki minaj}
ya girl been hot since corduroy's..since quarter waters and all the boys used to try to be like the corner boys cuz they heard the pu**y wetter den them dorney rides..fu*k wit who? fu*k's wit u..when is them checks cleared like the known to hang with a thug or two.n_ggaz that only do wat a thug would do..ask about me the FEDS watch daily..gettin more cheese more bread den a deli and im gettn love fam now like nelly..and i throw it up 12 o'clock wen i in the area scoop my n_gga gotta be brave you gotta get payed..aint nothin worse den being a broke b*tch..i always got cracc i tell em to smoke dis.

yo ya boy been nice since thunder cats since leather bombers and lumber jacks..come outside wit a hundred stackx...jeans wit the sweat-pants unda dat..yea..front on who?/ not on me..n_ggaz know i keep the seventeen shot on me..made a lil sumthin off rap alot of D...get ya points off anotha n_gga not off me..air forces new trues crispy coupe n_gga cl63..cost me nuttin to get hit 4 wit nicki matta fact nah the b*tch wit me

{nicki minaj}
so u wanna sip goose and play nintendo dem briccs nd flip dat yay-yo..chirp if u lookin 4 the work..hundred dollas a grizzy im mrs..gettin buzy..FEDS gettin dizzy..n_ggaz tryna get me so i changed the fizzy combanation to the sizzy..brand new V THAS WAT I GET 4 Pitchin..nice lil crib a couch that i could sit in..oo i mean sit on oh to f*ck a b*tch on..oops i mean fella..keeps the umbrellerr..and i only f*ck wit them paper makers..nicki luinski lk to jada...

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