Freestyle - Nicki Minaj

I don't want to sound mad right now..
I don't want to sound.. I feel marvelous right now! Dirty Money

Tell that b_tch with the crown to run it like Chris Brown
She won 3 rounds, I'm a need a hundred thou
Like China Town, b_tches better bow down
Oh you ain't know? Bet ya'll b_tches know now
F_ck I gotta gun to let 'em know that I'm the one (huh?)
The way I ride the drum, they sulute me in the slum (what?)
In the 6-hund, the color of bubble gum
I'm with my n_gga Spits & my n_gga Bun Crum (wadup?)
Yes, I'm the one, I'm the mother f_ckin' one (yeah)
Hold more weight than the late Big Pun (oh)
B_tches talk slick, but they ain't sayin none (no)
Mad cause I'm bad, two sticks in my bun
Yes sir, look what I've done
They run, run, run when I come
Bum stickety bum, let me tell em where I'm from
Queens lil mama, gabanas & nice pumps (yeah!)

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