Grindin - Nicki Minaj

Ok, ok, ok... chea, come on, come on, uhuh, listen

[Verse 1:]
Ye' ain't sayin nothin lil mama I got those and I'm
bout to bl- blow like snot nose,
(wha) oh no, no homo this is for my n_ggas,
my n_ggas that don't kno please tell these rap
B_tches to get ready don't get gased unless your gettin
getty, don't get jerk. your jerk
Don't get nutty fix up your paper work your sumbody.
but you ain't better than the president
I'm just to eliquent. b_tch I'm tha president.
I be sittin on a elephant coutin all my money
Where stella went... and I don't need my groove back
unless tha n_gga lookin like 2-pac
Unless he got colors like tu-can.
.. sam, sam I am. diffrent color lambs green eggs and ham
Bet I can bake a gram like the bakers man.
stop runnin up on me like who? what? when
I stay around the white ike the klu klux klan.
I stay around the sand b_tter peacan tan
(look) b_tter peacan tan. I stay around the sand b_tter peacan tan n_gga,

Damn, look I'm a bad b_tch,
I'm a give ya'll a couple more bars. it's nothin listen

I was shotgun when the bentley cruised up.
I'm a bad b_tch I jus throw my shoes up
I don't say hi I jus throw my 2's up.
when I'm in texas I chuck my deuce up. b_tches is snake
Sorta like meduca. fly kid on the beats like a new
producer (I hate Nicki Minaj) just excuse
Her I'm in a GT she in a PT cruiser.
I'm in the PT Bruiser, dang lil mama you is such a loser,
Ok you is such a loser, dang lil mama you is such a loser

I mean if I'm not the the badest b_tch then who the
f_ck is I mean... you kno wen I
Do it's done get who you want like I'm a bodie every
last b_tch in the game, I'm a sit on tha throne
And these b_tches gunna have 2 be pickin my fruit out
like. I want sum I'll like sum fresh strawberries
And sh_t tell dem b_tches to get ready 2 pick my fruit
out... I'm a be sittin on tha throne like Micheal
Jackson and Eddie Murphy it's nothin... ye yeh digg [laughs]

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