Jump off 07 - Nicki Minaj

Queens, Queens
Ayo Fendi this the jump off right here man

Ms. Minaj little mama get a taste of the hot sauce
Itty bitty real pretty but I'm not soft
I beat b_tches with the heat like I'm Scott Storch
In the ocean is where they gettin' dropped off
All I wanna do is party, rock some Ed Hardy and 40/40
You arrive when it just get started
I come through at 2 and I don't get carded
Excuse me I had to beg ya pardon
Mami ya flow sick, my flows retarded
Cause you can say something and you won't be sick
But um, I can't help my retarded chick
Cause my flow stupid, wheelchair bound
Take the small bus all year round
That b_tch pop out with a helmet on her head
Bottle of new meds, a good pair of Keds

Where my chicks
All my girls that'll transport bricks
Got some MAC lip gloss on ya lips
Keep a real good jean on ya hips
You can get it
And to my dudes
If you keep a good b_tch in ya crew
And you rock a good hood, f_ck a suit
And you got a little tree on ya boot
You can get it

Nicki and Dirty Money n_gga, sh_t ya draws
When I count to three, hit the floor
Dang little mama, pick up ya jaw
That there's the Chevy, 64
You that b_tch, I'm the boss
I'm a have my bodyguard, dust me off
Cause I think I might have some dirt on my shoulder
Call my n_gga Light with the money green Rover
I'm the boss b_tch pink links and the brinks
Rockin the corset, sip drinks in my minks
Call my n_gga Gravy, that's the big baby
Tell him I said maybe he should bring the trey p
Already know these lames is gonna hate me
But um lately, it only motivate me
Want it with the squad, gotta come through me
I hit the dance floor, n_gga 1-2-3


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