Set It Off - Nicki Minaj

[Talkin: Nicki Minaj]
Yo y da fuk dese lil b_tches always [laughs] talkin
sh_t about [laughs] what dey did and
I dnt give a fuk b_tch! NICKI LEWINSKI luk

When u was on stage with ya brain on drugs,
nick nack carry crack what my nickname was
And when u was in da hood with bottles of OE, I was OT lukin real low key
I do a striptease if da cops stop me,
a pair of guess jeans and some beef and broccoli
I was at da rucker I was sippin on a smuckers,
I was rockin hats dat was made for da truckers
Dats when I hopped out da pink on pink,
hate it when a b_tch act like her sh_t dnt stink
C u was drippin wet u was jumpin n da crowd,
I was in a jet I was swervin thru a cloud

[Talkin: Nicki Minaj]
U kno, I'm a put dem b_tches in a time machine and
and and and send em back 2 da past and sh_t
B_tches always talkin bout sh_t dey did and all dat
b_tch get in a time machine

Time machine b_tches always talkin bout da old days
When dey was hot when dey was tourin with da oj's
I tell a b_tch this I'm not impressed b_tch
I'm nicki m trick I'm always on da guest list
I'm on my way 2 rickers island with a couple hard
I'm on a bike 954 double r
And dey dnt write sh_t dey mite write a couple bars
Dats y dey gettin drop drop like a couple cars
(you should'nthave said that)
NY 2 NO late nite shows like letterman and lenno
End where u cut it homeslice your gar-bage
White bois tell me dat I rock like guitars

[Talkin: Nicki Minaj]
C c ya c anna mae, I'm bout 2 slap ya'll b_tches round
and call ya'll anna mae
Like dat dats what ya'll go get in a minute,
real real talk like cause ya kno dis is 08 now like so
Anything u talk about like it gotta b it gotta b at
least within a 2 year radius type sh_t like
I I dnt care what happened 50 years ago like u kno
u no u no call all bets all bets r off b_tches
Ya no game just begun

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