Slumber Party - Nicki Minaj

Got that supersoaker
p_ssy pop like cola coka
plus its tighter than a choker
got u smiling like the joker
i got that na-na-na-na-na-na-na lil mermaid on my linen
when yo mama sleeping u can call me and get all up in it
bankroll give me all them pretty furs
cuz my p_ssy game cold when he hit it he say bur
he say burr burr burr burrr
ima ima marry her and he play with that pur like he struming his guitar
thats me i am minaj i am nick nicki minaj
if u wanna minaj keep a couple pretty broads
head game busy busy make a n_gga dizzy dizzy
b_tch im at that slumber party sipping on that fizzy chrissy

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