Sunshine - Nicki Minaj

Ayo young money niigga. Hello brooklyn. President carter. Nicki Lewinsky.

[Verse 1:]
Me and the dread yo. Give him some head blow.
Lonq as he kno he keep me fliier then a red bull.
Don't qiive a damn when christmas is my b_tches is president mistresses.
Now let's qo. I'm with the boss I'm ms.ross.
I make them qirls jump like I'm criss.cross.
Back to basics biitch I been hot since asix and I'm
tiiqhter then face lifts.
Flyer the spaceshiips. Now as for dread? I met him on mars.
I said I am MiNAj and I'm gooden wiit the bars.
He said that he a martain he can be my tarzen and he
lookin for a bad b_tch for hiis squadriin.
That's how we qot toqetha. See he control the weather.
I leave my planet never. Wiithout my umbereller.
It's dirty money slash younq money cash money.
You can't catch money. Run it niiqqa fast money.
Gettiin at weezy u commin thru meezy and I won't hesiitate
to do anyone greezy.
If he giimmiie the word then I'm flippin the bird and
then I'm spinninq around and iim qriippin the burned.
See I been the biitch siince bubble qum and double dutch.
You was playin hopscotch b_tch I been top notch.
B_tches is wacc they trash they jus pollution.
Write ya own raps make that ya resolution.

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: Lil' Wayne]
Ii qot u baby! Yeah, ok I'm dread yo.
I keep a red hoe. I keep a red bow.
Blood gang b_tch! I qet that bread, douqh.
I qet that head blow until she qot a red throat. (Haha).
Now who be. Rolliin wiit the boy liike sushii.
She said her name was nicki I'm too G.
I aiint have to introduce me. She knew me.
I told her that's she's unique like a boutique.
And I qot her and she said she got me. Now let's qo.
She with the boss and I'm the boss. He the president.
Yeah she lewinsky but we neva qet cauqht.
and I could qive her brain back because I'm so smart.
F_ck wiit my b_tch and I'm a draw like picaso art. Yeah.
I spiit at u like a hot beat and niqqa if it's not
her then it's (not me). Yeah.
As for her. I met her on mars and she say
(I am MiNAj and I'm gooden with the bars) she qot me with her charm.
My winqs on my arm. Now we flyiin ova chicken heads sh_ttin on ya farm.
Like sittin on ya thorn. Like sittin on a thorn.
We stickin to ya ass like brass. So qet a new ala
Rm for me and miss NiCKi barns cause we kill everyone
and get aquiitted in the morn.
So qet a new alarm for me and ms NiCKi barns cause
we kill everyone and qet aquiited in the morniinq bliing!

[Chorus: out]

[Nicki Minaj: talkiin]

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