Heartbreaker - Nicole Scherzinger

Never thought that I would live to find another love like mine
Never thought that I could be in a place to ever see it
See it fly high

I need that heartbreaker
I need something to lose
I need that breathtaker
When it's gone, it leaves a bruise
Break my heart
Break my heart, yeah
Break my heart
Give it to me good
Break my heart

I wanna wake up in the morning
Appear you've moved on like a stone
In the middle of the night, I see you
Missing from my arms
Where have you gone?
Look what you've done
So I sit up in this bed and I imagine where you're at
All this playing games with love, I think this time I've met my match
What have I done?
Where have you gone?
See I love it when you take that part of me
It's intoxicating, I can barely breathe
Yes, I love you when you do these things to me
See, baby, see


What is love? What is love?
What is love? It's up in the air
It's neither here nor there
Spare me the time to explain it
I just know how it feels
Too much of it can kill
When not enough of it is real
Just enough of it can heal


Break my heart
Break my heart
Ooh, show me that it's real
Yeah, I love how it feels

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