Once Upon a Troubadour - Nightwish

A lonely bard wandering across the lands am I

Singing dancing finding answers to every why

The taverns are full and one crosses my path, too

I just might reward myself with a beer or two

This inn the place of many romantic tales

On the loft women offer their sales

But my eyes they catch a girl beat by everyone

A slave she is but for me a rose undone

Hear me sing

Watch me dance

Play that lute of thine

And share with me this dance

As she danced my eyes began to shine

There she was the maiden so divine

How could I approach her with my outlook so poor

Her beauty being much more than I could endure

So I asked if I could sing a chanson

With a language of ancient and of lore

Gathered the men around us me and the girl in rags

Soon were the melodies heard by all, in the name of the lost

Hear us sing

Watch us dance

Sing with us this tale

With a clap of hands

The stories long-forgotten we still know

Performing our skills wherever we go

I end my story as I receive a kiss

From my girl the dearest Beatrice

Hear us sing

Watch us dance

Sing with us the tales

Which the music will keep alive

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