Gangsta Girl - Nivea feat R Kelly

[R Kelly]
I pulled up in this all chrome
Whole body is all stone
Hopped out on tha cell phone
This sh-- bouta be on
Im in tha club like (ohh ohh)
4 shots of da Henndo
Babygirl aint no joke
Got that thong in a choke hold
Im talkin about Nivea

So many fellas up in tha club
Which one of them here for me
Das dat brotha who can flip my covers
and fulfill my fantasy
Lookin for a hook up
doubtcha know me
who can take me to go shopping
Wit a little bit of BIG
and a little bit of Pac
wrapped up in one for me

Im lookin for a gangsta guy
Cuz imma gangsta girl
Im lookin for a gangsta boy
To share my gangsta world

Fellas u got doe u gangsta
U gotta whip u gangsta
Ya own crib u gangsta
A big -- u gangsta

[verse 2]
Im lookin for a hook up ride or die
rich and can hold his own
gangsta gangsta when its goin down
be the shelter and my stone
When he's goin to the club
its all good cuz im hangin wit my girls
so eenie meenie miney moe
real gangstaz tho em up lets go


here papi here papi iy-yi-yi
come 2 mami yi-yi-yi-yi-yi
FREAK me like


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