Spiderwebs - No Doubt

You think that we connect
That chemistry's correct
Your words walk right through my ears
Presuming I like what I hear

And I'm stuck in the web
You're spinning
You've got me for your prey

Sorry, I'm not home right now
I'm walking into spiderwebs
So leave a message
And I'll call you back
A likely story, but leave a message
And I'll call you back

You Take advantage of what's mine
You're taking up my time
Don't have the courage inside me
To tell you please just let me be

Communication, telephonic invasion
I'm planning my escape


And it's all your fault
I screen my phone calls
No matter who calls
I gotta screen my phone calls

Now it's gone to deep
You wake me in my sleep
My dreams become nightmares
'Cause you're ringing in my ears


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