The Girl with X-Ray Eyes - Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

I try to hang on to myself
I don't believe in no-one else
And I'm shaking like a leaf
As I fall into the street
But the girl with X-ray eyes,
She's gonna see through my disguise

Going nowhere down a hill
Is hard to swallow like the pill
That was twisted on your tongue
By the sea that was standing still
There was no-one to be seen,
No-one left to hear my scream.

So she took me by the hand
We followed clues left in the sand
As she swallowed space and time
We gathered pearls and swine
She shot me to the sun
Like a bullet from a gun
And when the deed was done
In the morning she was gone.

Turn the page and let it go
Like your mother told you so
Life it stretches out for miles
The truth is on your stereo
But the girl with X-ray eyes
She's gonna see through your disguise


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