Clams Have Feelings Too - NOFX

Birds are dumb cause small bird brain
But so are kids and old people
Some birds talk most other sing
I don?t see you eating a talking bird
Pigs smell bad they roll in pooh
But so do kids and elderly
I don?t see you chop off an old man?s feet
Put them in a mason jar and pickle them
No chowder for you, cause clams have feelings too
Actualy they don?t have central nervousness
No manhatten style, clams have the right to smile
Come to think about it they don?t have a face
They have no face, no place for ears
There?s no clam eyes to cry clam tears
No spinal cord, they must get bored
Might as well just put them out of misery
I don?t believe it?s selfish to eat defenseless shellfish
No chowder for you clams have feelings too
It could happen to you, clams have feelings too
I don?t think they do, clams have feelings too

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