Mattersville - NOFX

There's a place where some of choose to live
Gated community, cops can't come in
A neighborhood for punks over the hill
Who spend are golden years in Mattersville
We can do whatever want whenever we please
There's always a keg of beer and a block of cheese
We got charams, pinball, and asteroids
Space Invadors and Missle Command

We will grow old together
We will play bridge and Texas hold'em
Duane and Stevie Cab still skateboard
But most of us lawn bowl and shuffleboard
We may be getting ripe but we ain't bored

We got a blackboard with some rules and laws
Hefe's got an 18 car garage
Most the bars are smashed but so is Spike
Twice a week on Karaoke night
Eric Melvin lives next door to me
Limo and the Locknecks head security
At the end of my cul de sac
Davey Havok's house is painted black

We will grow old and fatter
We got our ville so what else matters
Trashy, Mod, and Kath are staying up
Nathan, Matt, and Dad are passing out
When California cracks we're all going down

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