New Boobs - NOFX

Something is lacking, I?m not attracting

My boobs are not as big as I want them to be

I want 36d

I?m not receiving enuff affection

Gonna get me a silicon injection

And fulfill my dreams, bust through my seams

My social life is pathetic, I can?t find a man

When I need is cosmetic surgery

Be the best I can be

Proteins, and milkshakes, mass vitamin consumption

Who needs to diet when liposuction

Is painless and quick, local anesthetic

Now my body is a model, a flawless perfection

I most certainly will cause an erection

Wherever I go, but I still don?t know

The reason why I can?t find a mate

Guys I meet ejaculate

Then leave through the door,

I can?t take anymore

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