Philthy Phil Philanthropist - NOFX

There?s something wrong with mass consumption why do
We want what we don?t need alcohol burn it clean asphalt
Methamphetamine will make it seem alright, it?s gonna make
It seem alright living in the hunger underground some people
Say I got a problem with authority so what if I do man, it beats
Relinquishing control philthy phil philanthropist rule taken when
You should of give away philthy phil you gave to us more than
We cannot repay there?s something grand about being nothing
There?s something lame about being grand alcohol squirting gun
Don?t want no holiday in the sun that?s me not bein you, that?s just
Me not bein either part of the solution or the problem replace
Superman with joe ordinary you?ve taken when you shoulda
Give away filthy phil you gave to us more that we cannot repay

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