Favorite Girl - O-Town

Mmmmm, Mmmmm Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Mmmmm, Yeah

It was like there she was [she's so]
This sweet lady [lady]
Man, she was lookin' so tight
That it drove me crazy [insane]
And I never go broke trying
Tryin' to look at this lady [ooohh]

Oh how I wish that I wasn't so shy
It wasn't that I, I never had experience in
In chasing ladies [oh no]
Oh did I miss my chance
Hell I must be crazy
If I ever get the chance [the chance]
The chance to see her again
That's when I'll tell her that I need her so

She was my favorite girl
She was sweet as candy [sweet as candy]
And I gotta tell her that I wanna make her my baby [my baby]
And if we get the chance [the chance]
The chance to meet, yeah
That's when I'll tell her
That I need her so

Now I'm back on the block
In my new Jaguar
Trying to find this lady
Never gonna admit, I won't stop [til I]
Till I find my baby [baby]

Back down the alley way
I'm going crazy [yeh]
If it ever crossed my mind
That I wouldn't find this lady

Reality [oohh]
My mind's played tricks on me [yeh]
How could this be [that she]
She could have this effect on me
Right before my very eyes [there she was]
Thats where I found her
And then I told her
That I need her so


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