Sexiest Woman Alive - O-Town

When I see ya
see ya
see ya

Cant belive ya
"live ya
"live ya
did you slip on heavens floor a falling angle

I've been around the world and I've never seen a girl
that makes my nature rise the way that you do.

Like I can dodge you at the spot
You make me scream cause you got alot
and you've got the say that your a beauty queen
and your blowing my mind

Just one look was all it took cause noone elses
compares the way that you do

Your carzy,sexy
got a body like a dancer on mtv(mtv)
I just wanna take my hands and hold you close to me
your the sexiest woman alive

Your face is so insaine gota work that body like your on soultrain(soultrain)
got stuff that can make anybody do almost anything
your the sexiest woman alive(sexy,sexy,sexy)

When you walk into the room the first reactions ooohhhh
every guy around just wants to sweat cha(heh heh heh)

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