Follow My Life - Obie Trice feat Nate Dogg

[Intro - Obie talking]
Yeah! [echo], uh
Let ya'll n_ggaz know me
Yeah, WOO!

[Verse 1]
Eleven, fourteen, seventy-seven a n_gga entered
Big lips, popped out placenta
Momma ain't breastfeed, had no pop neither
Pop leaves sh_t but a name - Obie
Elementary homie that's how it started
In garbage, retarded, gainin that heart
F_ck n_ggaz, claimin they hard, a n_gga come home touched
My motherf_ckin momma bangin me harder
"N_gga take your ass out their and fight for tomorrow"
That's what she told me, "little punk, blame that on your father"
So I had no choice, n_gga pick up a brick
Split a motherf_cker's sh_t for tryin to f_ck with the kid
Get a little older, hair on my d_ck, now I'm curious
N_ggaz on the corner gettin money rockin jewelry
Allowance, n_gga that ain't man sh_t
Cowards, n_gga that ain't man sh_t
I had to prove to myself
How these n_ggaz same age as me calculatin this wealth
So I got me a clique and n_ggaz what?
Workin one sixteenth, like "n_gga we can clean up"

[Chorus - 2X]
Follow my life, homie from start 'til now
Only my motherf_ckin momma n_gga holds me down
And Lord knows all this sh_t that I done put her through
I speak through her straight to you, motherf_ckers

[Skit - Obie talking]
Two for one, here, here take this, two for one
Quit switching d_cks, holla at me, see you f_ck with

[Verse 2]
Summer '94, I'm gettin a little dough
Taller than my momma, so I'm listenin to her nose
I'm listenin to them hoes scream "O!"
And I'm listenin to them O's go CHOP!
P-Funk, Joe and me pumpin on the block, summertime
I call her auntie, she cop three at a time
Throw a extra bump bringin cline
I'm so involved with the grind, I'm losin my mind
F_ck a steady job, I'm tryin
I steady mob, I'm dyin in this game, I ain't lyin
Sellin so much coke forgettin it's a crime
Flyin down I-75, pocket full of dimes
Give a f_ck about the radar on me [police sirens]
Bumpin Big or Pac, yo n_gga who tryin me?

[Skit - Notorious B.I.G.'s +Big Poppa+ plays in background]
[Cop] - Get off the god damn truck!
[Obie Trice] - F_ck you, yo I ain't did sh_t
[Cop] - Put your f_cking hands in the air!
[Obie Trice] - B_tch!

[Chorus - 2X]

[Outro - Obie talking (echo)]
Yeah, all my of life
Only my momma know
Obie .. Obie Trice .. Shady and it's crazy, motherf_ckers

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