Ghetto - Obie Trice feat Trey Songz

Ghetto, ghetto, ghetto, ghetto

[Chorus: Trey Songz 2X]
I'm from the motherf_cking slums where the cops don't come
Turn the lights on and the bugs don't run
You ain't sh_t without no gun
In the ghetto (ghetto)
Ghetto (ghetto)

[1st verse]
I'm from where diapers full of feces
We's endangered species
Bodies lay in traffic, that's right, where the streets be
You ain't seen nothing this obscene from no TV
You would have to be me to feel what Obie's speaking
Bodies leak like steel pipes, it's real creepy
Ch-ch-ch-ha-ha-ha, Jason Vorhee's
You're boring me with your story, I'm a Detroitee
Craft took my mind so the craft exploits me


[2nd verse]
I got no pot to piss in, en route to prison
You don't want it with us n_gga, we strapped with nitroglicerin
Our ambitions is some riders, thriving off poor decisions
A blessing n_gga still living, still pimping, still visions of
Sitting in that foreign whip, whipping up cola take a lick
To my tongue, numb from the sh_t
My nuts hung since I was a young one
And that's just the slum f_ck of it
I'm pumped daddy gone but, gun in my palm
My momma can't save me her gender is wrong
On my own in this jungle that n_ggaz call home
What? His momma died from a lump in her D cup
Police freeze 'em up for serving these glucks
It's like a habitual situation, we stuck
The ritual is for n_ggaz to grab they nuts
And just soak all this bullsh_t up, where I'm from?


[3rd verse]
I'm from real bridge cause, for n_ggaz living hard
Welfare scarers just most chicks'll buy them broad
Pimping the government cause government pimping us
Rather see 'em suffering then n_ggaz live it up
Cause you ain't heard? Bird got birds
But the n_gga got murd' cause n_ggaz felt he ain't deserve
What he was worth, he ain't a real n_gga from the turf
He was birth with money, that's why they left him bloody
I'm from the streets where most these n_ggaz nutty
I adapt to em, I'm exactly in tuned with 'em
Strapped with the Mac that extract flesh from humans
Home sweet home, better known as The Ruins



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