Art Snob Solutions - Of Montreal

What's up, directors? Grab your knives!
It's time to take all all of the lives
Of the people who cannot see
The somnolent genius of Tarkovsky

Come on authors, grab your guns!
It's time to murder everyone
Who has never heard of Apollinaire
Send them all to hell, it's only fair

Cast them all into the flames
If they don't know any names
Of the principles of Arte Povera
Or are unfamiliar with le serpent mascara
That's right, mascara snake!

Come on painters, alive or dead!
Give all the cretins a boot to the head
If they don't extoll convincingly
Tempered Elan era Kandinsky

Throw them all into a well
If they cannot tell
An Arto Parv feast of repitition
From a Schoenberg 12 tone composition

Come on artists, the day is here!
And your mission is very clear
Put an end to the bourgeoisie
And death to everyone who's never heard of me

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