Doing Nothing - Of Montreal

Nothing, we're doing nothing
Just sitting and wondering why nothing's happening
Everyone was there in a wooden chair doing nothing
Still doing nothing, drinking, smoking
Nothing's happening
No one seems to care in their wooden chair doing nothing

I go walking through the park
Underneath a moldy sky
Thinking, "Yes, I think this place
Would be such a lonely place to die
Such a lonely place to die"

Nothing, we're doing nothing
Literally frozen stiff from nothing happening
Something has to change
Because it's no longer feeling strange
To do nothing, ad nauseum, nothing
And feeling, acutely, every millisecond pass
We can ignore that this is sad
Because we know that it all adds up to nothing

I go walking though the park
Underneath the moldy sky
Thinking about all the different ways
That would make lonely ways to die
All the lonely ways to die

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