Everything About Her Is Wrong - Of Montreal

Everything about her is wrong
She's the kind of creep that would just lead you along
She acts so sweet but that's a little trick
Yeah, she is a very duplicitous chick

Everything about her is fake
I've met spurious girls before, but she takes the cake
She acts na?ve, but that's a little game
Yeah, she puts Gustave Flaubert's Madame Bovary to shame

Her contempt for manners eclipsed by no other
For instance, an Oedipus learned from her mother

Everything about her is base
She belongs to the Machiavellian race
She acts austere, but that's a little joke
Because this little trollop is quite morally broke

Everything about her is sick
I've seen her smashing harmless b_tterflies with a brick
She acts so kind, but that's a little ruse
Any guy trying to win her is just destined to lose

The malice in her soul isn't quite so bad
Her preciosity veils a heart like an oubliette

Everything about her's a mess
To look in her eyes is to see
A cold and inhuman abyss

Her mind appears controlled by a drunk navigator
Her moods are like a child playing in an elevator

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