Good Morning, Mr. Edminton - Of Montreal

Good morning, Mr. Edminton
Mr. Edminton, how are you feeling today?
I trust that life is treating you
The way that you want it to
Of course, I'm joking with you

Hello, Mr. Lendingworth
Mr. Lendingworth, hope you're feeling ok
I've brought some books and a finance magazine
Because I feel bad for you
I'll tell you another thing too

Remember how they vowed to let that go
If your families paid the ransom
Well, I think you both should know
That that's not their intention
But I will help to set you free
If you'll do something for me
I want an honest job in one of your factories

Please Mr. Edminton, Mr. Edminton
Tell me that you'll agree
And I'll untie you from that chair presently
And get you away from here
I'm judging by your tears
That you, Mr. Lendingworth, dear Mr. Lendingworth
Desire a part in our scheme
Well, sir, I certainly would never even dream now
Of excluding you
I'll tell you both what to do
Tip toe down the spiral stairs
Then just before the cellar door
You'll see a painting of a juggler
Touch his nose and that will open up a secret corridor
Take the ladder at the end up to the street
And run as fast as you can
Then in a week or two
I'll start my job with you
You, Mr. Edminton, Mr. Lendingworth
Hurry before it's too late for us to escape

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