Happy Yellow Bumblebee - Of Montreal

I am a happy yellow bumblebee
I fly around the flowers and trees
And all morning long I flutter about in the swirling breeze
And the sun is yellow like me

I am a happy yellow bumblebee
Everything's so much bigger than me
But I'm not afraid, for if something gets too close
I give them a sting that makes them howl and scamper away

No I'm not afraid, though sometimes I get lonely
Because my parents are dead
And I can't find my brothers or sisters

At night the sky looks so black and I can't find the sun
It doesn't matter how hard I try
But when I feel like I'm covered in darkness
And that light won't touch me anymore
I hear the cardinals singing
And I know who they're singing for when I see the sun

That makes me a happy yellow bumblebee
All my friends are beetles and centipedes
And all summer long we laugh and we play
But we don't talk to spiders because they're mean
And they try to trick us
Because they want to eat us
But they'll never beat us

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