Mingusings - Of Montreal

Boy I wish you weren't such a paranoid actress
And I the assassinated candidate
I feel like an accidental species
Some mutant love-child, never meant to be
No motion dancing, feel like we're an impossibility
Trying to keep the heart and the head but I was so down on the closing light
Couldn't even fake a smile, wanted to fire all my friends
And just start over again

Sister tells you No, our ___ is only gonna get better
i'll let ya know let ya know let ya know
I feel like the last time is gonna be
my final collapse

i know from past experience
he never takes it easy on his regals
and you'll become a foregin substance lying in your familiar bed

technology makes such an ugly mother
but no license does it offer only chaos scenarios
and the dream that we've been having look just like numbers
still they love you at the office cuz you the ban subject of countless masturbation fantasies

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