My Favorite Christmas (in a Hundred Words or Less) - Of Montreal

Do you remember that one Christmas
When we didn't think we'd be together?
We were almost separated by the weather
But I ran through the snow
Right up to your window and smiled
Because I was so absolutely happy to be with you

All our relatives were too afraid
To drive through the snow
We got to spend the day alone
I swear it was the most beautiful day I know

We sat by the fire and opened the presents
That we'd gotten for each other
Then after you telephoned your mother
We cuddled on the couch
Drank cocoa by the tree
And you smiled
Because you were so absolutely happy to be with me

The day went by so fast
And as night approached we laughed at our luck
The snow had let up
After the roads were cleared
All our relatives suddenly appeared
So we blew out the candles and replaced
Frank Sinatra with Phil Spector's Christmas record
Our grandparents filed in all plaid and checkered
With their arms filled with gifts
And delicious desserts and we smiled
Because we were so absolutely happy
So very, very happy to be together

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