Nonpareil of Favor - Of Montreal

My lover, I've been donating time to review
All the misinterpretations that define me and you

I'm thinking about you
In my secret language
Cuz I know you're the only one
Who can help me take it easy
Now I'm happy in the head
Knowing there's no s_cker in the world
Who's a threat to us
You become material
It's like hey you were always there
just on the tip of my tongue
And I needed you to happen, yeah
And now that you happened
And it really really really came true
I feel like I oughtta thank somebody
So I'm gonna thank you
Thank you, thank you, thank you
Thank you, thank you

So I'm calling your ass up at like
three in the morning saying
"Wake up the dragon, let's go get compromised"
You'll be my little ally,
You can have it which way you choose

Now I'm so flung out by your paradigm kisses
How I've acted eleven hemispherical gods now
Cracking my sweet love
I'm cracking my sweet love (3x)

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