Rose Robert - Of Montreal

Rose Robert, I'd like to welcome you to our affair
We'll write a lovely little story, just you and I
As time goes by me and my Rose Robert
People stare when we walk arm in arm along the thoroughfare
The gentlemen don't know whether to bow their heads
Or tip their hats instead at me and Rose Robert
All of our days move so slow since we stopped
And let the world go on without us
We haven't got a care, me and Rose Robert
You're delightful, mon ch?ri, it's so lovely
When we wear each others clothes
You draw on your mustache while I powder my nose
Josephine and Fanny don't compare to my Rose Robert
Rose Robert, together we make quite a remarkable pair
It doesn't seem strange somehow that we never speak
We just gurgle and squeak, me and my Rose Robert
Few will dare to offer any pleasantries or see how we fare
I guess they assume that we have lost our wits
But we're just a couple of misfits, me and my Rose Robert Rose Robert, hot chocolate ?clair

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