Springtime Is the Season - Of Montreal

The summer's good for tulips
Though pansies disagree
They find the heat most distasteful
And humidity far too grim to stand up tall
And bargain with the bees
They prefer to droop and mope
And wait for autumn's breeze

The autumn's good for pumpkins
Though apples don't approve
The trees that they've been living on
Now forces them to move
And rudely lets them to fall
And sends them quick to their demise
Without so much a bon voyage or even a goodbye

The winter's good for penguins
Though brown bears must object
When talk comes to the joys of winter
They must interject
"Hibernating in the snow just isn't where it's at
Because sleeping makes you skinny
And we bears like to be fat"

The springtime is the season
Where everyone's a friend
Loneliness and desperation both come to an end
No matter how you died through winter
In spring you're born again
Your life might not be going good
But spring helps you to pretend

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