St. Exquisite's Confessions - Of Montreal

I'm so sick of s_cking the d_ck of this cruel cruel city
I've forgotten what it takes to please a woman
But that's all gonna change (2x)

Now the freaks wanna take me home to see
If the rumors are true,
so I kick open the doors and windows
To let the world hear sure
There's so much anger and pain
But come see, there's still some gentle people
f**king to strawberry letter 23

Now we're both laughing

Maybe I'll blow you
Whatever kind of kisses you want
Because you've got so much in common
With my big cock creator
We function on the lowest human level
Yet somehow keep living
I thought it was over but it all still hurts the same
It still hurts the same

I only photograph my fascinations
Till the stress of the flash makes them fade
The danger is real but I'm mute to the feeling
We started by giving each other interesting notes sober case (sober case)
Seduce a dream back to the surface
Clarify my empty elephant of some beautiful death
It's time to get to know the article you'll be stripping
Ladies of the spread
You better keep my secrets in that perfume poodle head
Now c'mon, to the replacement dolphin that's cheating treats
from the bottom of the hotel pool
The lion leaped out of his pendant and then
He talked of Valerie and her week of wonders
She loves to do beautiful things

Feeling voices again not good
Think the sky is pregnant with maggots
Cuz something happened in the parking lot
I'm searching for the context not finding it
Don't make it real for me
Some things are better left victims

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