This Feeling (Derek's Theme) - Of Montreal

I'm so excited, I just can't wait for you to come
I've been living alone and lonely far too long
When I see your face
And the love that's in your eyes
You know I just can't place this feeling

I'm so excited, all my sad days will soon be over
I know you can do it, because you did it before
And I'm happy when I'm with you
I guess it's a lot to ask of you
To change everything that's bad
You know I have to laugh at this feeling

There's one thing I hesitate to add
What if it turns out bad?
We'll be living together
Will we be spending too much time together?

I'm going to find out just how close we really are
And if having you around is better than being alone
If I had to bet whether this works or not
I'm certain that it will, but still I can't forget this feeling

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