Vegan in Furs - Of Montreal

I used to think it black while at my country seat
Now I'm peaking in so many ways
The gloom is in retreat
Yes, the dark epoch is over
I've found my Efeblum
Then passed Ernst's mausoleum defended by a rook
Who shot a look so virulent it pierced me like a hook
The palaver of Solipsists exploding in my skull

Yeah, and we both despise all of the academic swine
Who made the author of "Discus Ulysses" benign

So what if Wednesday finds us
Wearing rabies parachutes
Foaming like the melodies of sea foam fairy flutes?
The atmosphere is viscous, we're sticking to the brine

When the lanterns fill with finches
So begins the brawl
Because their brains are like porcupines
And mine's a paper ball
I know they don't understand, they don't get us at all
Their moss mangles polyanthus
And mine's a paper ball

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