Accidental - Olly Murs

I'm always at the place where your friends meet

It's the long way home but I walk your street

And when I trip and fall right at your feet

It's not accidental

I make it feel like luck is in the air

Every time you turn I'm standing there

You look into the stars, our names are clear

It's not accidental

And when you get a wrong number

Don't hang up too soon

Stop and wonder

You are the one that's meant for me

I'm twisting fate to make believe

It's all accidental

This was always meant to be

When you're in my arms then you will see

It wasn't accidental

I know you like the kind of clothes I wear

Think I threw them on without a care

The style's from a book you read a magazine you left

It's not coincidental

And even when you hear your favorite song

You don't know but I put it on

You bought the record yesterday so I knew what to play

It's not coincidental

This all feels right time, right place

Cos every time I see you face to face our future calls

Not saying U bend the truth just doing my best to get to you

Made you my destiny

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