Change is Gonna Come - Olly Murs

Something's come, feel it down in my bones

Yeah it's been a long time gone, but ya here tonight

Now let's not look back, ya keeping me right on track

Feel the karma coming back, we're gonna be aright

If everything's a constant battle, sometimes you won't win

If all our strengths turn into struggles we won't be giving in

Will be living on an all time high

I'm trying to keep it

We've learnt to walk but now it's time to run

A change is gonna come

Living on an all time high

I'm gonna live it

First thought we couldn't but it can be done

Change is gonna come

Troubled times, been a good friend of mine

Yeah it's been around a while keeping me down

But through it all, even with a broken soul

Here I am standing tall cos you're around

For every sign that said we'd never find the means to

For every word they said they never heard that they knew

Given time I want some piece of mind

Same as you do

Sing it!

Change is


You better be waiting

You better be



Faster, faster it's coming

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