Growing Pains - Omarion

yeah...mmm...(you don't no what they gon do...ooh no...(what Omarion going solo)

I cant live with ya
but i can't live with out ya
not breathing with you
but hard to breathe with out ya
think to myself everyday
how they split us apart for defenit
that shared the same heart
it had to happen this way(happen this way)
us go our seperate ways
i would be lying if say i didn't miss the old back days
gottan think to myself
about how this thing change my life
(dam we were suppose to be boys for life)

this is my growing pains
cause by the fortution and fame
tough we be together for ever and ever and ever
never though we go our seperste ways
look how things have change looks like it will never ever be the sameso hard to explain what went wrong after we were together for to long now never be the same again tell me this thing happened damn this is my growing pains

Verse 2
now people dont knkkow that i tried it again even though i wa sour i tried to be ya man i couldnt hold a grudge knowin in my heart i still had love if yall knew wat went down youd be like wat the AH you dont know wat you got until its gone.........loyalty honesty where did we go wrong i guess it was meant for me to go alone o


HOw could this ever be them no longer apart of me wat did you do to turn them otha bois against me I just have one thing to say wat chu do comes back ya way

Omarion Talkin
So many things were said so many false things against me my manager Chris sometimes i just felt like giving up like i was nothin and i couldnt go on without them and now i feel like god is lookin down on me and he shall carry my soul as i take this solo journey i never meant for this to happen im sorry

Damn............ Damn These are my gorwing pains

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