The Simple Man - Orphaned Land

Vanitas vanitatum
[Everything is meaningless - Ecclesiastes 1, 1]

I was born to pave the way
To let the masses hear, listen to my say
They'll follow through the darkest nights
As to a shepherd with second sight

But I'm a simple man
I follow God's own plan
Only a few coins in my hands
I live alone
The only life I've known
I do not need nor want this throne, on no...

Upon this stage these words I sing
Peace to all men is the dream I wish to bring, yeah...
So do as I do not as I say
Out of this ocean land I cannot lead the way

For I'm a simple man
I follow God's own plan
I dance while raising high both hands
I'll preach tonight
These few words of light
But I swear I'm not Jesus Christ

Minor sum cunctis miserationibus quam explesti servo tuo
[I am unworthy of all the kindness and faithfulness you have shown your servant - Genesis 32,10]

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