Not Afraid (Alternate) - Our Lady Peace

Driving down a one-way road
Some courage and the radio
We'll drive until our eyes can see.
Tonight we'll leave this world behind
No traffic lights and no stop signs
Tonight the road is all we need.

We're not afraid
We're not alone
We're just losers on this open road.
Can't go back, can't go home
'Till we find what we're living for.
Is there something good,
Something more,
Is there anything worth dying for?
Tonight, you're all that I need.

This highway's full of burned-out cars
Broken dreams and broken hearts
This highway is a wrecking ball.
Tonight's a long, long way from home
These headlights shine on broken bones
Tonight we need some new heroes.

Something good, something more
Something that's worth dying for
We wanted more
We wanted this
We wanted the simple things I guess.

It's like the stars are falling up
It's like the sky hits the ground
It's like the wind, tremendous calm
It's like an earthquake and it makes no symbol with air.
But we're almost there.

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