God - Outkast

Come in God
God come in God
Damn you're a girl
Well, i guess the reason i am talkin to you tonight is
cause i've been doin a lot of thinking and
I consider myself a pretty cool guy
And i've never cheated on any of my girlfriends
Well, well except that one little time in Japan but
That was just some head, and head dont count right?
Ah, thanks God i knew you'd understand
Well, I just feel like.....
Well, to be honest with you
God, i just need a sweet b_tch
You know, somebody not too fast
But not too slow
Cause i dont have it all my damn self
And life aint easy
You know you just want somebody by your side to help smooth that thang out
You know what im talkin bout?
And shhh at this point
I mean i am not being picky
She doesnt even have to have a big ol' ass
But you know
Just something well porportioned to her body
You know a nice little tail
You know
You say, you say u found somebody?
Is she cute?
So when do i get to meet her?
Ah, God your the greatest
Well, i guess ill talk to you later
Oh im sorry, im sorry

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