Greatest Show on Earth - Outkast

how ya'll feelin' tonight?
i don't give a damn

verse 1
mama i'm leavin' way from home to join the circus
and papa i go into that place where them clowns get down (get down)
sister i know that there are lions tigers and bears
i'll be safe and sure to call ya'll when i get there

nothing but the greatest show on earth
(shut up while i'm singing) step right up step right up come one come all
what u want what u need
wanna drank wanna chief
i got it yeah i got it

verse 2
mama i'm moving up and i'll be selling cotton candy
and papa next week they'll let me sit on the trapeze-eze whoo
uncle you should see all these dancing girls
and every night i get to sleep under the big top

(macy gray ad libs)
ain't nothing like...great
it's the greatest show on earth
da da da da da da
what u want what u need
wanna drank wanna chief
i...i got it hey i got it

ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh whoa
yeah yeah oh yeah
ooh ooh yeah yeah

(ad libs)
ok ok ok ok ok
i got good love
i got true love
i got green love
i got blue love
i got dark love
i got light love
i got white love
i got chinese love
i got plaid love
i got stripeded love

what you clapping for i ain't done yet

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