Infatuation - Outkast

Yo I wanna be witchoo, whatever you need me to do I can stop by the sto' and get ya auntie some cigarettes
Knowha i'm sayin' I getcha momma wig off layaway, whatever ya need

Ya little sista need some macdonald's... order a fries hot
Know i'm sayin'
Whatever I gotta do to come over there i'm doin' it
Know i'm sayin' i'm juss here to be wichoo baby, whatever you need, i'll probly do it

I wanna be witchoo bad.
Like juicy lookin' like pissin' on a hot stove, I wanna be witchoo baby.
Juss hang out like wet clothes whateva you wanna do

Well lemme tell ya
I wanna get witchoo baby
You know mean

I gotta bake you a pie stand on the corner widda bowtie whatever it take to get witcha
I wanna be witcha

I can't marry you but i
I show up at the parkin' lot of the church but I ain't comin' in

I just wanna be witcha tho

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