Kim & Cookie - Outkast

Anncr: And now, kim and cookie.
Cookie: Ring-Ring
Kim: say hello cookie!
Cookie: hello
Kim: girl i got somethin to tell ya
Cookie: spill it girl spill it
Kim: remember ol boi, at the club...
Cookie: from last night?
Kim: last night!
Cookie: wassup
Kim: went home with the mothaf_cka, now i'm thinkin i'm feelin' to goddamn get
My ass to' up!
Background singers: to' up!
Kim: but girl
Cookie: what.
Kim: d_ck so short
Background singers: short!
Kim: came quick, he got his, i ain't get mines. i'm like f_ck!
Background singers: f_ck!
Kim: you know you talkin' all this goddamn sh_t and he ain't sh_t!
Cookie: girl you done got you a mothaf_ckin minute man!
Kim: a minute mothaf_ckin man
Background singers: mothaf_ckin minute man!
Kim: but it's all good you hear me? cause before i goddamn left this
Mothaf_cka, i hit this mothaf_cka up for erythang you hear me! i'm talkin bout
Wallet, i'm talkin bout credit cards, money. and you what i was gona hit him up
For his goddamn pistol but i ain't know how many mothaf_ckn bodies he had on
That mothaf_cka you feel me!
Background singers: i feel ya!
Cookie: well it's allllllll goooooood!

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