Knowing - Outkast

Brothers on the block knowing
(from this point on it only gets rougher!)
Sisters at the crib knowing
(from this point on it only gets rougher!)
Preachers at the church knowing, but still get by
(from this point on it only gets rougher!)
Teachers at the school knowing
(from this point on it only gets rougher!)
Babies on the bottle knowing
(from this point on it only gets rougher!)
Junkies on the corner knowing, but still get high
(from this point on it only gets rougher!)

[Big Boi]
Introduce, here's a formal introduction
Something to make you ponder
The situation's ugly like "In Living Color"'s Wanda (word up!)
Well everybody play dumb, but there's some that succumb
And fall victim, I will overcome
Any hurdle or obstacle that's in my path
Fast cash should be the last resort
So make it last for the risk you took
Trick, you shook your ass
For some hundred dollar heels and a designer bag
Now that's ass backwards
All you got in the frigerator is bratwurst
Your stomach is balled in a knot, you got that phat purse
Pocketbook, stop and look, pockets look void
Destroyed by the need to indulge and enjoy
The finer things in life (yeah)
Your dignity, the only sacrifice
Slimming your chances of being somebody's wife
They seeing ya b_tt booty-naked every night
Ain't nothing right or wrong!


[Big Boi]
Even though things started falling apart
Wanda went and bought a Honda
Now she's out of a job, she would slob on a knob
For a little less than a yard
A massage, you could drill her like a sarge
She would charge and rob
Pick through yo' pockets
She got the trick's watch and the silver locket
That he bought for his wife but Wanda left her license
On the nightstand f_ckin' with this white man
She met in a little red Corvette paid for sex
Made a deal that she would never forget you can bet
Every action has a positive and equal reaction
Therefore everything that goes around
Comes around in that fashion
Fast and furiously
There was a knock on the sliding glass door

(B_tch, it's me!)
You thought you was slick the way you hit me for that lick
But you slipped, now I'm getting in your sh_t


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