No Bootleg Dvds - Outkast

DVDs, Got them bootleg idle wild DVDs!
Whatcha got, Whatcha got?
Whats up shorty, Come here man , c'mere, c'mere, c'mere

Got them bootleg idlewild dvds,
got girls gone idlewild, got the uncut version of the idlewild,
got the "G" version just in case you don't wanna see
three take his shirt off.. I got the cut of idlewild
I got that cush man, I got that dro,
I got that purp, I got that light pink

Let me see your teeth.. boy I can make u a grill right now.
Give me two... nah yo sh_t kinda bucked,
give me 'bout thirteen minutes...

Dig what i'm saying?
Sh_t I heard big and dre supposed to be comin up here right now anyway.
Sh_t man let me drop on out of here man,
like a rollercoaster baby, I'll get up wit you.

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