Smoke Fest 1999 - Outkast

Smoke this blunt
Yo, everybody grab a seat, welcome to Smoke Fest '99
I'm glad you all could make it
As you can see admission was free this Smoke Fest this year
All the weed you see is free, but the blunts cost sixty bucks baby
(Sixty bucks??!!)

CaTashTraphe, I shoot it through, dipped in twenty-four karats
If y'all n_ggas don't feel me, then I blame it on your parents
Cuz Tash f_ck it up, don't twist it up wit luck
My style is cold like I bought it off the icecream truck
Listen here, Tash be crashin n_ggas wit my beer
Tash be partied down as f_ck swingin off the chandelier
Tash be here, Tash be there
Tash be everywhere it's poppin
I'm here to let you know f_ckin wit me's not an option
Cuz Tash is my name, Tash'll start it wit a bang
Tash'll end it wit a *gun shots* that's not the same thing
Tash'll split your frame, Tash swings like gold chains
I be rollin wit King T, and we all in the same game
But enough about CaTash, let's talk about some skrill
You know it's bout to pop if Likwit Crew is on the bill
You can ask my n_gga Phil how real this is, the weed
Smoke Fest '99 burn something to the beat

*Tash in background*
Damn man, y'all came all the way from where, man?
"All the way from Mobile, Alabama."
Oh yeah, you came to smoke some blunt?
"Yessir, we came to smoke some blunts wit you baby."

Smoke, Smoke Fest time

[Big Boi]
Yeah yeah yeah
I was lookin to get my skull blowed up like Kid Dynamtie
The time is right
Be ridin the track so fiercely that it seems I'm already high tonight
But I'm not though just on them Black & Mild's
And people thinkin I'm the wild one cuz I be flippin
And rippin the track and verbally attackin on yo' style for fun
Higher soul but to please myself I gotta be composin that fly sh_t
And you notifying Alkaholiks daily
So punk muf_cker you better dub b_tch
What do you need boy, rap and some my boys are still in the trap
I mean the dope spot, but the slangin got my snappin like the rope hot
I can be the player you wanna bust wit
Or n_gga you don't even wanna go f_ck wit
Or nup wit, you s_ck d_ck, so why you all up on my nuts quick
I hold the microphone and that's wit a vice grip
Really tightly, and I'm keepin the words crystal clear
So you gon' correct when you try to bite thee
Very nicely, Aquemini my n_gga, not a Pisces
But I likely, gon' fetch a sack of that green stuff
While I write G, yeah yeah right

Yeah, check this out yeah
Hard life, now picture this
A n_gga in jail, rappin while his folk in the next cell
Tappin wit some spoons, we do rank the boom boom
Fresh off a planet wit sand dunes and maroon moons
Soakin wet wounds, titty tanglin tunes
Musty under arms, soul shlong charm
Bump off in the drums, rhythm on the one
Stankonious under smellin where I'm comin from son
The day you bone is when you start to die
The time in between us will mean the most, I toast my high
Sh_t gets so bad, I know it make you wanna cry
But s_ck it up, b_tton up, go ahead and do your thing
For I'm already high

Smoke, Smoke Fest time

[Phil The Agony]
Yo yo yo
Whenever I'm writing, you can call me Philly Titan
Receiting to you an interview like Phil Donahue
Me and my crew, translate Los Angeles
Scandalous, like Watergate
Phil on the break, Phil on the break
Phil/fill in the blank, it feels bad like gettin shanked
File up your taxes, I'm writin exact on my axis
From my head down to my Air Max's
Phil waxes and relaxs
Phil also fills up mental food up in your ?deadly gases?
My name is Jason when I fill out my application
To the nation, n_ggas is gonna get in filled what they facin
Phil/feel the ration, Phil/feel the adrenaline
I penetrate like penicillin, n_ggas be like "Phil is illin!"
Phil is willin and ready
Phil is Raw like Eddie
Phil be cuttin up like machetes and confetti
Deadly, Phil/feel the pain when I walk through the rain
N_ggas be like "He sayin Phil again, Phil again, Phil again"

Smoke, Smoke Fest time

Hey hey hey
Peace rap world, I'd like to make a special announcement right about now
We have a special guest that just stepped in the house
You know this man, he the smokiest cat in rap music
He goes by the name of the Doctor Greenthumb, smoke em out

Now I be, rollin and smokin
And holdin the golden sack
When my lungs be gettin swollen, hittin the bong foldin
For chronic ironic, growin the hydroponic
We got it, robotic hits you on melodic tricks of sonic
Smoke Fest, expandin your chest
Buddah bless best, for you to step back cuz your lyrics are like cess weed
Yes indeed, the session you need to retrieve it
It's ten n_ggas in a circle smokin a spliff, believe it
Retrieve it, over the counter, can you conceive it
I give you Doctor Greenthumb digits, don't repeat it
The Brew Crew and the Buddah Masters together
Gettin you higher and f_ckin you up that much faster
Six sacks, blunt leafs, pipes and bong-bowls
All be gettin smoked at the Buddah head shows
Excuse me if it seems too complicated
The herb I hold is platinum while yours is nickel plated
Let me mash out, I'm breakin the stash out, the hash out
I roll into the studio and smoke my n_gga Tash out
Wit that Doctor Greenthumb sh_t, know what I mean?

Smoke, Smoke Fest time

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