Lycanthropy - Patrick Wolf

I was once a boy.
till i cut my penis off
and i grew a hairy skull
of stubborn fire

then i was a girl.
till i sewed my hole up
and i grew a hairy heart
of dark desire
there's no answer. just surrneder
send all your barriers into the fire

let no foot. mark your ground
let no hand hold you down.
you were once so sad
till you cut your suffer off

now you please yourself
and fight your own wars
and you were once so weak
till you sewed your wounds up

now youve learnt to sing
about sun and shine!

be you own hero
be your own saviour
send all your suffering
into the fire

I was stumbling into battle
i was walking into walls
'till i walked myself to peter
and i let my shadows fall.

he's a boy who never ages.
rides a goat around the lake
he's a friend who never falters
to change my circling fate.

he said dance across the battle
but punch straight through that wall
though your knuckles may be bleeding
they'll be healed before the fall.

after war comes peace
after peace comes war
but remember
if it weren't for fighting.
we'ld be fighting for ever more

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