Chiaroscuro - Paula Cole

(ke-ar -p-skoor o: the relationship of darkness and light in a painting or pictorial

Goya and El Greco, Gaugin and Van Gogh
Painted light in darkness, chiaroscuro
Imagine we were a painting
A woman and a man,
Two lovers on the canvas
One is white, one is black.

Darkness and light will be married tonight in chiaroscuro,
Your body on mine -- two colors combined in chiaroscuro.
Vermeer and Velazquez, Rembrandt and Rousseau
Painted perfect union, chiaroscuro
The man and the wonam
The knife and the spoon
The xylem and the phloem
The sun and the moon


How we lived a secret life from racist eyes
You said I couldn't understand you anyway I tried

But in this moment together, in our secret unity
Our skins become the still life, our souls epiphany

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