One Foot Down - Peter Bradley Adams feat Susie Suh

April lay in your hands
The sign of rain for the year
You knew the time had come at last
Your heart no longer called you here

Oh, Carolina, something's wrong
You've lost the wind in your sails
And now you float to a land
And you pray the ground will not fail

'Cause everybody had one good year
Everybody let their long hair down
Everybody had one bad dream
Everybody saw the bright sun shine
Everybody had one hard time
Everybody had a real good time
Everybody pulled one sock up
Everybody put one foot down

You could say that this is fate
That left you alone standing here
It's like you've traded the world for
A chance, a ship to steer
You face the mirror on the wall
You hold a knife to your hair
You fill the sink with your curls
For the life you a have spread

'Cause everybody had one good year

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