Didn't I - Petey Pablo

{Petey arguing with cop}
"All inmates are asked to stay inside the cell"
Hey dog, you think I could make my phone call?
Hey look, what you need to do is sit down
I just wanna make my phone call
Just sit down -
Hey, I get a phone call for this motherf_cker
F_ck you
Hey f_ck you too ya bastard
I just want my f_ckin phone call
"Sgt. Ellis : Please come to the front gate"-

{Verse 1}
I got his ass didn't I?
told him my plan didn't I
thought I was playin wit him
now he ass out and payin sh_t that n_gga stank didn't he?
smelled like some old spoiled meat didn't he?
when they found him - took bout a motherf_ckin week didn't it?
down in a motherf_ckin creek didn't they?
Mr. Roberts found his ass out fishin Sunday evenin' didn't he?
gift-wrapped in a sheet didn't he?
Roberts got out of there so fast they didn't ever find his boat did they?
I'd like to flip the hood night didn't I?
disrespectful-ass n_gga like to ran up on my slab didn't he?
y'all didn't even know I had that thing did ya?
y'all just seen mad n_ggas haulin-ass across the field didn't ya?
(hey, hey, hey!) that sh_t pulled a lot of cards didn't he?
especially that bald-head tight t-shirt wearin ass Cindi didn't he? (punk)
that n_gga ran in up his girl didn't he? (yo what happened)
took her home and ran the train on a trick didn't I?

{sung chorus in the background, man talking man talking over}
you are now rockin wit one of the most real motherf_ckers in the rap game
97 -Petey Pablo or Petey Too Small as we call him down in Greenville - ya
with this new sh_t "Didn't I" -ya
boy that boy has done a lot of things
Petey- tell sumden else you did

{Verse 2}
thought I was playin didn't ya?
I did everything I said didn't I?
I got out of prison and got a major record deal didn't I?
you didn't believe me did ya?
ya'know I know you didn't
you probably decided that I'd be right back on the street didn't ya?
I guess I showed you didn't I?
Got in the race and then I won it didn't I?
I didn't even rub it in your face did I?
I could of got real sh_tty but I didn't did I?
or got all fly but I didn't did I? (nope)
man, I just kept it all real didn't I? (ya)
brought it right back to the homefront just like I said didn't I?
they kept skippin Carolina didn't they?
yo (cough cough) excuse me, can I have your attention didn't I?
I f_cked 'em up the way I did it didn't I?
came to the city spittin nothin but that greasy-grimey-gritty didn't I?
I changed a lot of things here didn't I?
came from the back to the front and I had them kissin a n_gga ass didn't I?

{sung chorus in background, man talking over}
you real crazy, boy you a trip, you a real trip
but hey, but hey, the boy kept it real , he did
oh you thought it was over
hey petey
get real fly on they ass
and talk about some sh_t - some real sh_t - come on

{Verse 3}
you coulda had me couldn't ya?
all that time couldn't ya?
faggot - mad little penny-pinchin ass
that little cash wouldn't hurt you would it?
well it shouldn't should it?
you wouldn't be broke and not tell us would you? (haha)
c'mon, don't laugh, it could happen couldn't it? (yeah)
it wouldn't be so bad would it?
if I wasn't right there on your ass would it?
such little sh_t shouldn't effect you should it?
glitter my ass - I'm a star cat (now Petey you shouldn't even be like that)
mother f_cker! (mother f_cker)
didn't they tell you man?
all your dumbness is gunna come back on your monkey ass
you gunna be mad at this verse here ain't ya man?
I wrote a song a bout it
would you like to here it here it comes (ha ha ha ha ha haaa)

{chorus sung, with man talking over}
hey let me tell y'all something
I wanna tell y'all that this mother f_cka here don't give a f_ck
for real, he is pimp, straight up and motherf_ckin down
y'all got to hear this sh_t
Petey Pablo - tha boy be out 19-2000 killin sh_t yo
aiyyo we outta here
we'll let this motherf_ckin beat ride
we're gunna let y'all motherf_ckers sit there
and enjoy the rest of this motherf_ckin song
aight, that was just a fly ass intro to this whole thang,
the whole thang

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