Here to Forget - Phil Vassar

Joe's drinkin Tequila Sunrise
Kati's sippin Sex On the Beach
Maria loves those blue margaritas
She likes em garnished with peach

I dig these dirty martinis
I like em shaken not stirred
I come here every evening
Just to take my mind off of her

Whoa, whoa, whoa we're all in this together
Whoa, whoa, whoa on more round of regret
And I, I, I guess I'll have another and another
Memory vacation
We're all just here to forget

Joe's wife had wandering eyes
She left him for some young guy at work
Kate and Maria same story
They fell in love with some jerk

Me, I was prideful and foolish
And I just pushed her away
I guess we all have our reasons
For being here today


After carefully drinking I've reached this conclusion
We've all got problems to face
But it ain't happening today
No, not today I said


Commiseration vacation
We're all just here to forget

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